Final day wrap-up from Underwater Defence & Security 2017

The final day of Underwater Defence & Security 2017 reaffirmed the general acceptance that incorporation of remote, unmanned and autonomous capabilities into the maritime domain will be incremental.

Delegates from over 20 countries were briefed on a variety of technical solutions that will contribute to maritime security activity. Industry organisations presented to the audience several solutions which are very near to deployment which will collaborate and integrate with existing capabilities.

Discussions during the meeting did however confirm the medium-term requirement for “traditional” ASW for a considerable time.  ASW continues to be a “team” sport requiring the coordination and cooperation of multi discipline platform and in the future remote, unmanned and autonomous systems.

There are a significant number of regulatory and legislative issues which will need to be addressed within the emergence of new technology.  Demonstrating responsible behavior with the development and employment of remote, unmanned and autonomous systems will be required to engender the trust and support of the broader maritime community.

Improving interoperability and data management, particularly for huge amounts of data generated by systems; such as bi and multi static sonar is a stepping stone to the wider inclusion of off-board sensors, and unmanned systems.

Given the current political climate financial constraints continue to exist within many maritime capable nations has meant the maintenance, support and operation of legacy systems and existing manning structures may be taking a priority over R&D and the exploitation of high end technical opportunities.

Underwater Defence & Security returns from 20th-23rd March 2018 at the Portsmouth Marriott.

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