Passenger Ship Safety Speaker interview: Phil Tinsley Maritime Security Manager, BIMCO

Phil Tinsley

Ahead of Passenger Ship Safety 2017 we spoke to our conference speaker, Phil Tinsley Maritime Security Manager, BIMCO, about his session discussing the challenges posed by cyber crime.

Please give a brief overview of what your session will cover at Passenger Ship Safety 2017

With cyber security emerging as one of the biggest global threats in 2017 it is no surprise the shipping industry is taking notice. Phil Tinsley the maritime security manager at BIMCO has been involved in creating industry guidelines and promoting awareness over the past 18 months. The Cruise line industry has specific issues to deal with in order to separate information technological systems and the operational systems on board. What is the scale of the threat and how incidents can be reported without causing reputation damage will be covered in the session on 5 April.

What key learnings will delegates receive by attending your speaking session?

There are some specific threats to passenger ships when dealing with cyber security. Passengers expect connectivity no matter where they are in the world and the cruise industry has to ensue this link does not compromise any of the passengers personal or sensitive data, or the operational systems on board. How the industry can raise awareness, train for breaches and minimise impact, will be dealt with in the session on Cyber security.

What are you most looking forward to by attending Passenger Ship Safety 2017?

Meeting a branch of the industry normally outside the BIMCO membership but with over 60% of the world’s tonnage owned or operated by BIMCO members the conference is an ideal opportunity to share knowledge and guidance towards safer seas and travel.

What is the current number one challenge facing our industry today?

The economic challenge will continue for a number of years yet before shipping emerges. Reducing costs but maintaining standards is a daily concern in all sectors.

And what would you say are the future challenges likely to be faced by the industry?

Maintaining strong brand identity following a potential PR disaster.

Why is Passenger Ship Safety 2017 an important event for the industry to attend?

Key messages will be passed on by industry experts in order to enhance safety, raise current issues and prevent accidents or incidents occurring which could be avoided through training, knowledge and awareness.

Passenger Ship Safety takes place at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton, 4th-6th April 2017. Cruise operators, public sector personnel and emergency response receive free entry. For more information please visit the website.


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