Passenger Ship Safety Speaker interview: Captain Samir A. M. Mahdaly

Samir A. M. MahdalyAhead of Passenger Ship Safety 2017 we spoke to our conference speaker, Captain Samir A. M. Mahdaly, College of Technology and Maritime Transport,  Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime transport, Egypt, about his session, what delegates will learn by attending and some of the challenges the industry is currently facing.

Please give a brief overview of what your session will cover at Passenger Ship Safety 2017

The speaking session discusses the application of person tracking by GNSS technology in maritime search and rescue operations. This technology improves the ability to find survivors in water, either by day or night, as well as those in restricted visibility or even those trapped in a sunken wreck. The person tracking system combines the use of GNSS technology for locating survivors and specialized software allowing the information to be viewed via the internet on electronic charts display.

What key learning will delegates receive by attending your speaking session?

A GPS following system uses the GNSS system. This system incorporates a range of satellites that use very short wave signals which are transmitted to GPS devices to give information of position, truck speed, time and direction. So, a GPS following system can actually give both real-time and historic navigation data on any type of movements. By using this technology to determine the accurate position of survivors it will potentially increase the success of searching for persons in water.

What are you most looking forward to by attending Passenger Ship Safety 2017?

I’d like to present the idea of application of person tracking system in passenger ships in order to easily find passengers in case of falling over board or in search and rescue operations.

What is the current number one challenge facing our industry today?

The current number one challenge facing our industry today is Safety of passengers on board very big passenger ships.

And what would you say are the future challenges likely to be faced by the industry?

The future challenges likely to be faced by the industry are revising the IMO instruments relating to passenger ships and updating them according to the new generations of passenger ships.

Why is Passenger Ship Safety 2017 an important event for the industry to attend?

Because there is a good chance to meet the key decision makers from both cruise/ferry operators, coast guards, regulatory bodies, government organizations, flag states, classification societies and leading industry suppliers to discuss best practice and optimal solutions.

Passenger Ship Safety takes place at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton, 4th-6th April 2017. Cruise operators, public sector personnel and emergency response receive free entry. For more information please visit the website.

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