Operational Challenges Faced by Senior Naval Officers To Control the Information Battlespace

Capabilities delivered by Naval platform networks have evolved dramatically, opening opportunities as well as vulnerabilities. Naval forces across the world are recognising the need to control and dominate within information warfare, protecting communication systems and networks.

The vast amounts of data generated from aircraft, unmanned vehicles, ships and submarines provide commanders with the possibility to see the complete recognised maritime picture and therefore operate with complete control within the Naval battlespace.

However, widely dispersed forces can only operate by using a continuous information flow and staying connected. Commanders need assurances that their networks and data are displayed in real time and is authentic to enable accurate decision making.

General Denis Mercier, Commander, NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation and Commodore Jim Perks OBE, Commodore of Faslane Flotilla, Royal Navy will discuss how to improve naval interoperability and capabilities at the Naval Domain Intelligence meeting taking place in Livorno, Italy during October 2017.

The opening keynote address will be delivered by General Denis Mercier, Commander, NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation, who will discuss the current NATO strategy to combat the growing maritime threat.

General Mercier will provide the meeting with the current threat analysis facing allies and joint operations to enhance maritime security as well as discussing the capability development projects for Naval Domain Intelligence and future requirements for Allies to enhance tri domain interoperability.

Demand for underwater systems and communication across autonomous and unmanned systems is of paramount concern. Denied and deep sea operations limit the ability for signals to travel through water and thus hinder manoeuvrability. Industry, government and naval forces are currently exploring research developments and projects involved within wireless and alternative communication techniques.

Commodore Jim Perks OBE is responsible for all submarines and ships at Faslane naval base and will use the meeting to discuss Naval Domain Intelligence from a submarine operative piece and the key challenges of sharing information with other platforms.

Naval Domain Intelligence will take place 17th-18th October 2017 at MGallery Grand Hotel Palazzo Livorno, Italy. The event, in partnership with NATO CMRE, will provide a forum to learn and discuss operational challenges, requirements and the need for greater collaboration and standardisation of Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS) to enhance interoperability.

Please visit www.navaldomainintelligence.com to view the full meeting agenda.

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