Dominating Information Warfare

The digitalisation of the Navy battleground is opening up the possibilities and need for a network centric approach to attack and defence capabilities. The 21st century network of sensors and radar technology produces an enormous data trove which needs to be mined and rapidly disseminated to enable a shared recognised maritime picture.

Navies must optimise a diverse range of platforms, integrating submarines, ships, airborne and underwater assets, unmanned and autonomous vehicles. Each platform offers unique connectivity challenges and must be interoperable with platforms and Allies. To enable this requires a secure information network which can handle vast amounts of data.

Navies need to control and dominate within information warfare, protecting communication systems and networks. The Development Network will be organising Naval Domain Intelligence taking place during October in Livorno, Italy where Navy leaders will come together to discuss with industry how to solve these key challenges.

Through discussions with Navies it has been identified the key challenge is not only how, but how best to integrate multiple sensors to gain greater situational awareness and guide decision making. Technology advances such as UxVs are opening the possibility of low risk and low cost missions whilst enhancing persistent ISR. Work must still be done to enable Commanders to exploit the rise in intelligence and information to their advantage by filtering out irrelevant info in real time.

Combining sensor intelligence from subsurface, surface, air and UxVs sounds a simple task but a fundamental issue is sending real time data, securely across the whole Fleet and during international missions.

Software defined networking open up possibilities for easy integration of multiple assets but also vulnerabilities to simple electronic warfare attacks (jamming, radar reflectors etc) to cyber attacks bringing a whole network to their knees.

Another challenge we will be exploring is bandwidth constraints. Newer systems and the greater volume of assets are causing considerable strain which is an issue only expected to rise. Thought must be given on innovative ways to increase connectivity and bandwidth at sea.

There is a lot of concern on how best to utilise technology to gain information superiority whilst effectively safeguarding modern systems whether that’s networks, intelligence systems, autonomous assets and so forth – against the electronic and cyber threat.

Naval Domain Intelligence will take place 17-18 October 2017 in Livorno, Italy. This two-day meeting will explore how Naval communication systems and networks can manoeuvre within A2/AD environments and counter vulnerabilities to EW and cyber-attacks. View the confirmed agenda today.

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