MORPHEUS: Transforming the UK’s Communication Capabilities

Colonel Laurence Fowkes, Deputy Team Leader, Battlefield and Tactical CIS Delivery Team, UK MoD will use Defence Communications 2017 to outline how Project MORPHEUS will evolve and transform the UK’s communication capabilities.

One of the biggest challenges military leaders face is sharing information and creating networks on the move that suit the NATO response force initiative, which includes single nations communicating various assets and sharing data to larger coalitions acting in the same theatre.

The management of data bandwith in theatre is critical to mission success with vast amounts of data flowing between assets. The network infrastructure however needs to adapt from past conflicts such as in desert terrain to where future conflicts may arise, including woodland and urban terrain.

Due to the success of the Afghanistan Mission Network (AFM) NATO are looking to standardise capability and connectivity of C2 systems for all their partners across the Federated Mission Network (FMN).

Morpheus is a defence project that will deliver the next generation of Tactical Communication and Information Systems (TacCIS) capability. It will address critical system obsolescence and introduce a more agile TacCIS solution (both technical and business). This will enable emergent technology to be rapidly exploited for user benefit, will be more responsive to changes in user need, and will realise efficiencies in the way in which TacCIS capability is acquired and supported. (Source: UK MoD)

Set up to deliver the next generation of tactical CIS capability across land, air and sea, the MORPHEUS programme aims to establish a viable and cost-efficient system that will support military operations for the next 30 years.

Colonel Fowkes will outline how the UK is evolving from proprietary and vendor controlled tactical systems, maximising industrial opportunities, removing vendor lock-in and exploiting emergent technology to achieve coalition interoperability.

Attending Defence Communications 2017 is the only opportunity to hear from Colonel Fowkes and a number of senior military leaders from US Army Europe, Canada, British Army, Spanish Army, Croatia and Poland providing a unique insight for industry organisations to understand what NATO members and their partners require to develop and implement defence communication systems to dominate future contested environments.

Defence Communications will take place 26th-27th September 2017 in Krakow, Poland.

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