Major General Alfredo Sanz, NATO Shape, discusses the forthcoming Combat Logistics meeting

The Combat Logistics event taking place 4th-5th April in Warsaw, Poland, will bring together an international military and industry audience to explore the implications of commercialised military supply chains.

Ahead of the meeting we spoke with Major General Alfredo Sanz, Deputy Chief of Staff Resources, NATO SHAPE to discuss his speaking session and the main outcomes expected from the event.

MG Spanish ArmyPlease give a brief overview of what your session will cover at Combat Logistics 2017. What key learnings will delegates receive by attending your speaking session?

I’ll provide an overview of the logistical challenges confronting NATO in this new security environment, the most salient ones being readiness and resilience. The progress that has been made and the work still to be done.

What are you most looking forward to by attending Combat Logistics 2017?

I look forward in hearing from the other presentations and to network with those facing similar challenges. This conference allows greater alignment on common challenges and an opportunity to engage with industry.

What is the current number one challenge facing our industry today?

It would be industries ability to ramp up to meet the logistical requirements that defence in Europe mandates today. The ability to move large forces rapidly is but one example.

And what would you say are the future challenges likely to be faced by the industry?

To clearly understand the requirements demanded by the military and industry’s ability to meet it in a timely and affordable manner.

Why is Combat Logistics 2017 an important event for the industry to attend?

CL 2017 provides an excellent opportunity to not only hear directly from the defence clientele, but to also network amongst themselves. Conference like this provide a forcing function for the right people in defence and in industry to come together to learn, better understand from each other and develop important relationships.

Military end users receive free entry to Combat Logistics. For more information and to view the agenda please visit the Combat Logistics website.

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